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Australia on fire

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

pray for australia

Waking from my afternoon nap, I noticed an eerie orange glow coming from between my venetian blinds. I peered through and cautiously opened them up, only to discover an orange dark haze covering the Auckland sky. Then I realised.

The smoke was coming from Australia. :(

And as social media posts seem to increase over time on my feeds, I felt confused and was in awe. I think that we are only starting to only imagine how bad things were across the ditch. And these bush fires have been raging since September.

Amongst all the heartbreaking images of animals who have died or in distress, people who have lost everything or had to evacuate, and the devastating video footage of firefighters tirelessly trying to control the flames, what really hit it home for me was this map. Australia is literally on fire.

wildfire hotspots across Australia
Map from researchers in Western Australia showing hundreds of wildfire hotspots as of 1 January 2020.

You can get a good summary of the bush fires from Australia's darkest day from Wikipedia but I’ll outline a summary below.

  • New South Wales has declared a state of emergency

  • Half a billion animals (including mammals, birds and reptiles) have been killed by the bushfires, with concerns that entire species of plants have been completely wiped out.

  • More than 1,200 homes have been destroyed, and tens of thousands of homes in NSW and Victoria are without power. Thousands of people have been also been evacuated from coastal towns.

  • The death toll continues to rise at 24 people.

  • Firefighters have been sent in across from Australia, as well as from New Zealand, USA and Canada.

One thing is for sure, we are praying for you Australia, we are praying for the firefighters who are in extreme conditions risking their lives, and we are praying for rain. A lot of it.

Here's a great article that outlines the way you can help:

Australia's bushfire crisis: here's how you can help

Australian bushfires: Ten ways Kiwis can help

Photo used for "Pray for Australia" graphic by: Maxim Tajer

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