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Curious and crawling at Christmas

They were right when they said, when you feel like you've mastered one thing, something else comes along to throw everything off. With the festive season upon us and since the last blog Mr M has achieved a few exciting milestones:

Sitting and pulling up Handy for getting into the tox box.

Commando crawling

He's fully into explorer mode and loves to get into the pantry (if left ajar), the bookshelf, power cords and plugs, (still baby proofing), hence the Christmas tree on the wall, (thanks Belinda for the nifty idea.)  Hanging baubles on the wall, (see pic right) means Mr M can't pull it down and potentially get squashed.

First teeth

Teething is a pain in the butt, but have found a nice natural product which seems to do the trick - kava drops from Qbaby range. Welcome back night waking (does it ever end??)

Solids three times a day Mr hungus thankfully eats pretty well.  Upon introducing new foods to his diet, we've discovered he's allergic to peas (so no legumes) and also oats....it's potentially a ticking time bomb when introducing new foods, but always have antihistamine ready, as well as moisturising at least three times a day for his eczema and dry skin. At one year of age he'll be able to be tested for all the foods we think he's potentially allergic to and environmental factors such as dustmite, cats and dogs.

Stranger danger

That old separation anxiety where Martin claws at my feet and is rolling around on the floor with snot and tears going everywhere because he wants to be picked up.  Although Mr M has managed to go to two weddings now, (always allow for extra time to get ready) and was surprisingly awesome with being handed around. Obviously taking after Julian's side and extremely sociable.

Anyways, wishing you all a very happy Christmas and a safe New Year. (What a year it has been!) We are off to church to celebrate!

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