• Koreen Liew-Young

Embracing femininity through graphic design

Growing up I always felt awkward about beauty.

Life happened, and as a result of having a poor image of myself and low self worth, if someone paid me a compliment, a little voice inside my head would say, "that's a lie."  Looking back, I think, if only I could have seen myself going down that destructive path to nowhere. I would have saved a lot of time, had I known.

However, after a lot of input from many great people and a long journey of healing (10 years and counting), I've worked through a lot of complexes (still working through others), seen my empathy as a strength and started to share my stories with others, (a whole other blog in itself.)

Somehow a lot of women and girls relate to own journey, but only admit it when they realise they're not the only one feeling like a failure. 

In the past embracing my femininity was something that I struggled with. In the past, I always saw it as a weakness. How do you create something if you do not believe it? This highlighted a style in my design that I had not yet explored.

Now, I see femininity as a strength and yes I'm still a work in progress, but I'm really proud of these last three projects.

  • Invitation to lunch for women in financial services

A completely new look for a Kensington Swan lunch, softer pastel hues, appealing to the target audience.

  • Kensington Swan mid-year ball branding

Alice in "Wonderland" theme, vintage, gorgeous and a little bit quirky.

  • Baby shower invitation

Feminine and classy, while keeping the sex of the baby a surprise.

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