• Koreen Liew-Young

It's Christmas time...

It's amazing seeing the change of how my toddler sees Christmas from last year. Last year he was stoked with the wrapping paper. However this year, every gift he sees wrapped, he asked doe-eyed and grinning from ear to ear with expectation - "For me???" And if the gift is for him, I have to constantly re-educate him that we wait for a day (which for him is an eternity away,) a day called Christmas, to open his presents. 

While on the countdown to the big day, we carry on through December and the malls get more frantic. Others smile as he gleefully waves at the blow-up Santa welcoming everyone into the supermarkets and it's been amazing to show my son the Christmas decorations at events such as MOTAT's Christmas lights. His extroverted nature really flourishes in the big crowd, with so much for him to explore as he repeatedly sings the same line in Jingle Bells over and over without a care in the world, eyes closed and arms outstretched passionately to the nations.

Today, I'll spending the day with my family, which I'm hugely thankful for. I'm especially looking forward to singing carols in church. We will be taking a moment to thank God for everything He has blessed us with, as well as carrying us through times when we not have the strength to walk.

Merry Christmas to all our friends and family, wherever you are...or as my son would say, "Happy birthday Baby Jesus...." 

Christmas card for 2017

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