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Joined the first home buyers’ club

It's been two months since we've moved into our house! Here's a few tips from our home-buying experience.

Open homes:

  1. Make a priority check list.  You’re going to have to compromise on something, it just depends on what.

  2. Go at night to check out the neighbourhood and/or on a rainy day. Sun can make a HUGE difference. As well as Photoshop.

  3. Go introduce yourselves to the neighbours. It may be completely random but we learned some really good insights about our community.

The auction:

  1. Stand at the back. Let everyone else outbid each other.  Then jump in at the last minute with a demoralising bid. (This may not work if there are only two bidders.)

  2. Bid hard and fast.  Be over confident even though you don't know what the hell you're doing.

  3. CV prices don't mean jack. So don't get down when the price goes above and beyond. 

  4. Have a maximum amount agreed before you go in.  And allow a "maximum amount with wiggle room" just in case...but definitely don't go over. Something else will come.

Moving in:

  1. Birds like to chirp at 6am. (Often seemingly exuding joy and happiness like what you would get Disney movies)

  2. Bugs, fly’s and ants. They will find their way in somewhere, somehow.  Let go of your anal retentiveness about having a bug-free house. It's not going to happen.

  3. Garden maintenance is painful. I'm obviously in denial of the ever increasing growing jungle in our yard.

  4. Domestication. Am thinking of exciting baked recipes to deliver to our neighbours to not only introduce ourselves to the neighbourhood but also apologise profusely for setting off our alarm accidentally.

  5. Be realistic about timings. Julian, there's no way the house will be sorted in a month's time. A box a weekend seems to be more doable.

  6. D.I.Y. Sometimes you just got to let your man build / break stuff.

We've done much research into open homes, bank loans, lawyers and extensive chats with friends and family who also own their homes.  To sum it up - we feel extremely happy (and lucky) to have our own home.

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