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One year ago....the adventure began

Boy it has been a journey!!  (and going to China was definitely part of that!)


Today is our first wedding anniversary, and we spent the morning in church where we committed to love and be faithful to one another before God, our family and friends. What a wonderful way to celebrate but to re-read my blogs, watch our flashmob and wedding video, created by Burlap and Blossom - (friends have been asking me to upload online for ages, sorry!!).  To marry my best friend, it's truly the best decision I've ever made.  Also to create the theme of our wedding including, designing our stationery, accessories and decorations, a hugely rewarding project for two creative people.

Reality bites, but we're stronger for it

It hasn't always been easy, but because of the pre-marital course that we did, I think we are far better equipped to communicate to each other through our ups and downs.  We also have a better understanding of each other, some topics discussed are:

  • The five love languages (Quality time, physical touch, words of affirmation, receiving gifts, acts of service), which is relevant for whatever your relationship status.

  • How your upbringing shapes your world view and realising your way isn't the only way.

  • Are you a rhino or a tortoise? For example, when an issue arises, Julian wants to wrestle it to the ground until its sorted, whereas I tend to retreat from a confronting conversation.

  • What are your expectations of your partner in doing day-to-day things?

If you think about it, people take lessons to play the piano, or learn how to drive, why is there so much stigma about doing a pre-marriage course?  Getting married doesn't often fix problems, quite often highlights baggage that we carry onto, but we're definitely stronger as a couple as we work through it together.

Photography by The Lauren and Delwyn Project. Dress by Hera Bridal

Anyway, we're off to celebrate tonight with a surprise dinner of some sort, so apologies in the delay of uploading but I hope you enjoy our wedding video! If you need advice on what suppliers to use or need someone to help with wedding stationery or illustrations, please get in touch!

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