• Koreen Liew-Young

"Peace on Earth" in 2020

The kids are tucked into bed and my father strums on his guitar as the lights flicker on the tree. Songs are sung to remember the purpose of Christmas and songs are sung to remember those who are not with us anymore. Her presence is dearly missed. Especially in the kitchen, where she sat quietly, passionately executing her recipes. This is the third Christmas without Mum. It is still heart-breaking, and moments pass through you when you can't breathe, overwhelmed in grief.

But 2020, who could have predicted it? Many have lost loved ones this year due to COVID in horrible circumstances. Others this Christmas are separated from those who they want to gather together with the most due to lockdowns. This year is a sobering year for all of us which is why our family chose "Peace on Earth" as our season's greeting. I am incredibly humbled that we can still get together with others in New Zealand, while so many others cannot.

May you take a moment to reflect and find peace in a year of so much disruption and uncertainty....especially those who are feeling loneliness/pain this year. Meri Kirihimete.

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