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Poo in the bath

My son in the bath

It had to happen at some stage, (forgive me for those of you who aren't mummies or daddies,) but when you're a parent, you kind of get immune to the poo talk. son is nine and a half months old now.  I had just finished his bath routine, after the usual (five minute at least) struggle to get him to sit (now that he wants to try stand all the time). I chucked a few of his toys in the bath, and thought I'd let him splash a bit while he conversed with Ernie his water toy. 

All of a sudden, a sound erupted from the bath, like a little explosion of water and bubbles.  I looked at my son who had frozen in his seated position while gripping onto Ernie with all his might.  He had a look on his face - confused and a little scared.

Of course the view from my seated angle was fine but I dreaded pearing up over and into the bath. Yup, unfortunately this wasn't poo that you can pick up cleanly, but this was poo that had dispersed into particles and sediment throughout the water and over his toys.

PANIC.....pause....laugh? Cry? Laugh?  Cry? "Postnatal depression" me would have certainly been tipped over the edge, (PND is alot more common than you think and I'm still yet to write a blog about my experience).  I lifted him out of the bath....drip....drip...drip,  Now what....Can't call for help, no-one else is home.  I eyed up the shower began operation de-poo. Managed to turn the shower on and one hand supporting him while he wobbled all over the place with a pleased look on his face because he was standing, and the other wiping him down as much as possible.  I even swung him under the stream of water a few times which he thought was hillarious.

So as I said before, as a parent, you kind of get immune to the talk, but you definitely can still lose your patience.  And figuring out if the type of poo that your baby is currently doing, is normal or not.  Speed dial Plunketline again just to be sure.  Here's a full guide to baby poop as well with photos for those who are really keen!

We've had in addition to poo in the bath:

  • sticky poo tar (meconium - first poo as a newborn)

  • poo on mummies hand

  • poo on the hand/foot

  • roley poley poo (like sheep pellets which means he's constipated so then time for some more pears)

  • liquid poo (commonly known as the "poonami")

  • poo up the back (nightmare to clean up)

  • the "green" poo (which is nothing to be worried about)

  • no poo for 15 days (apparently can happen with breastfed babies- fixed this with the help of osteopathy and giving my son a probiotic)

  • pooing six times in one day

  • stinky solids poo

  • poo on carpet because my son is a ninja when it comes to nappy changing (Mummy's run out of patience and Daddy needs to take baby for a wee while)

The joys of being a parent.  Happy New Year everyone. Bring on 2016.

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