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Updated: Jan 6, 2019

Each day I feel like I do a million different things for the house / for my family. Whether it’s jam packing Master 3’s lunch box with (mostly) healthy options and then trying to entice him out the door to kindy, doing the load of washing, or the mundane necessities such as paying bills. The day breezes by and I somehow winged it through, without remembering what I actually did. Where on earth do you fit in some ME time….. or even exercise. I didn’t have time (nor the motivation) to go to the gym when I wasn’t a Mummy, let alone now that I am. I'm also definitely more of a team sports gal and volleyball was perfect for that, but with losing my Mum earlier this year, I decided to step back from club training for the year and lost motivation to keep physical. Through that I've turned my focus on growing my design business, which brings me to yesterday morning.

Click > SEND.

Artwork sent to client. Another job ticked off.

SIGH…..(brief pause).

POPUP on Facebook.

"TheTrainingWahine is LIVE."

Ah bless, my old volleyball teammates, the sister duo ― Maia and Ariana. Doing what they do best ― working out.

TheTrainingWahine brings you quick 4–5 workouts per week, right to your screens in real time. Good on them, especially since both are mummies now and man they’re looking trim and fit. Jealous much. YUP.

Previously I had commented an encouraging message to offer my support on social media, as I liked the concept ― Working hard to inspire and empower others to stay active, wherever you are in the world.

My mind hadn’t quite latched onto the next task of the day and I was curious to see what part of the body Maia might be focusing on, so I open her LIVE video window. I see her bouncing away doing short spurts of exercise, right in her living room. (You can even see her daughters baby toys in the background, pushed nicely to the side.) She is currently outlining the next 4 minute set, (30 seconds of mountain climbers and 30 seconds of up /down squats) x 4. The live video meant that she could demo it and show me how to do it. I hadn’t had the time to try a session previously, but hey, these look pretty simple. I literally pushed the chair away from my desk, dropped on the floor and followed Maia on my screen “mountain climbing” on my floor. Conveniently, I’m already in trackies which I’m thankful for. Four minutes go by and I’m feeling the burn, however seeing Maia puffing away with me, being real about the pain, and encouraging me through, I somehow complete the set.

I type a message to let her know I’ve joined in half-way through her session and quietly dying. She acknowledges me (bless) as she gulps down some water. Ha ha it’s as if we are working out together in the same room! Good times.

Next section is only three minutes. Well, that definitely sounds doable. So we go into wall sits / sissy squats / squats (20 seconds each). Because the workout is broken down into bite size chunks, I seem more motivated to complete the rest of the session. She peppers throughout the routine little tips which instantly makes me more aware of what I’m doing and keeping good technique. Next thing I knew, I’d done 10 minutes of exercise with an old friend in the convenience of my own home. I could see the perspiration dripping down her forehead, as she pushes down her baby bum fluff hair. She chuckles at the camera, reaching out in empathy because she too was feeling the burn. I then noticed I myself had broken out in a sweat.

I instantly felt a sense of achievement. Loved the short sharp workouts and would highly recommend this for you other mummies or other time-poor people. Seems definitely more doable than the gym.

Check out TheTrainingWahine on Facebook. For November 2018, sessions are free so go check their videos out before the special ends tonight and if it works for you from December you can subscribe for $10/month.

Thanks TheTrainingWahine, in theory I could definitely bring this into my daily routine. I just have to create the routine first LOL in order to get going.

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