• Koreen Liew-Young

Guest blog by Daddy

Mr M took his first steps today!!

Whoasers!!!!!! What a special moment!

Yet...in some ways it isn't special at all.

"Special" implies something different or unusual. But walking is about as "normal" a human function as you can get. Learning to walk is probably more straightforward for a baby than learning to sleep (I sense other parents nodding exasperatingly). Obviously it signals a new stage for a baby. But it's also an instinct and a natural development process that neither parents nor kids can take credit for. We all do it and you can't really hasten it.

Every parent knows all this logically of course... and yet their heart explodes with pride and excitement when they see one baby foot planted in front of the other for the first time.

Maybe that's really the "special" part? That we as parents develop a love for someone so much that we see their simplest acts as the greatest achievements. That our kids, just being themselves, gives us immense pride.

I think I learned almost as much as my son today.

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